SDCC response on Horses/Animal Control

This is the latest response we have received from South Dublin County Council on the matter.  The Committee would like to thank Cllr. Frances Duffy for his support in this matter.

The Committee will post on our website any further developments in this matter.

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official response

Taking in Charge Official response from South Dublin County Council

This is the latest feedback the committee has received from South Dublin County Council.  The committee will continue to work on this important matter.

We would like to thank Cllr. Frances Duffy, Cllr. Anne Marie Dermody, Cllr. Emma Murphy and Cllr. John Lahart for their support in these matters.

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TIC response

Lighting – Stocking Wood

Ramps – Stocking Wood

Double Yellow Lines – Stocking Wood

Our Brand New Website Launched!

We have launched our brand new website with an aim to deliver a better sharing of information with our residents.  We the latest news, local amenity information and a dedicated residents only area, the new site will help our residents access information faster.

Up to now we have used Facebook, but this has not been ideal as some of our residents do not have an account.  Additionally Facebook is not appropriate to share some of the resident only confidential information.  This is the reason the committee decided to make a change to our website to better facilitate everyone.  We also have launched a an electronic version of our newsletter.  You can signup to this simply by entering your email address on the signup form at the homepage.

Our committee are really excited about the new launch as it just one of many new ways we are helping to deliver better and open communication between ourselves, our Agent and residents.